About DNNT


Date Night North Texas wants to know… do you “DATENIGHT?”

 And if you do, how exciting and memorable are your dates?

…Ever have that “date idea brain block” when you can’t think of anything to do except dinner and a movie?

…Do you find that you’ve run out of new things to talk about?

…Tired of the boring, awkward moments of silence during dinner?

Date Night North Texas wants to help you take your dates from “wah-wah” to “WOW-WOW!” Memorable and exciting dates happen when you experience new things together, learn new things about each other, and create memories that last forever.

So, no more “what do you want to do tonight?” or “where do you want to eat?” dilemmas when you get your opportunity to spend time together. Make the most of your time and connect on a brand new level.

What is it really about?

What if you had loads of creative date ideas, plenty to talk about while on your date and even deals and discounts provided by local establishments to make it easier for you to get out of your rut and try something new – all in the palm of your hand?

You can!

All of this is available to you on the Date Night North Texas mobile app. We challenge you to grow closer together — all the while discovering new restaurants and venues, experiencing new adventures, broadening your horizons, and connecting with each other in a brand new way.

When is it?

The Date Night North Texas program is available for download now! We encourage you to start using the app now, go out on dates on a regular basis and take advantage of the creative ideas available to you. Mark your calendar and make plans some special time together!

Who is it?

Date Night North Texas is sponsored by RockPointe Church in Flower Mound, TX. Several organizations have partnered in this effort and together we are challenging couples to become intentional about building their relationships. We invite you to join us in encouraging couples to invest in their most valued relationships and creating a healthier, more thriving community.

Looking for more?

If you’re looking to “go deeper” in your relationship development or searching for help or hope in your situation, go to the mobile app, click on the “After Your Date” tab, then look at the resource pages for current classes/events opportunities, books, websites, and local counselors.